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Artemis is an online roleplaying and worldbuilding community focused on storytelling through fictional geopolitical intrigue and interaction.


Artemis primarily focuses on the three Eastern Continents of the world: Borealis, Irathava, and Nepantia.


Borealis is the northern most continent, extending from the north polar regions to Irathava in its south. It has 9 major nations.


Irathava is the middle continent, extending from Borealis in its north to Nepantia to its south-east. It has 2 major nations.


Nepantia is the southern most continent, extending from Nepantia in its north to the southern polar regions in its south. It has one major nation.


Artemis currently has 13 nations.

  • Coalition of Coconeh Calpotlin
  • Cheongmae-Rahm Tai
  • Deseret
  • Hessaria-Vlodomeria
  • Keiyan
  • Kolchakska
  • Lanestria
  • Masovya
  • Monyan
  • Sovascaria
  • Ulvena
  • Verdan
  • Votyalia
  • Vrilissia